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Access tower products FAQ

Do Boss Towers comply with current regulations ?

Boss towers comply fully to EN10042020 BS1139. We are one of the only suppliers who currently supply all components necessary to comply as per manufacturers user guides . This includes updated full tower new content versions of stabilisers, braces and new MK 2 AGR frames etc

Are RKA UTS Towers and products any good?

RKA towers and access products are manufactured in the UK by UTS. These products are uniquely designed to offer the best high quality alternative to those customers with a lower budget. They offer superb quality  and are in growing demand throughout the access industry. All RKA products comply fully to current regulations as per manufacturers user guides

How long is the RKA UTS guarantee?

RKA products are covered by a 5 year manufacturers guarantee

Can you mix and match manufacturers components?

We cannot recommend mixing manufactures components because different manufacturing processes may negate the product licence and the integrity of each product. However RKA components will fit Boss towers

Do you need PASMA training to erect a tower?

Pasma training is recommended however providing there is a competent person on site during the build and dismantle process this is acceptable. This may not be the case for individual end users who wish to use a tower for domestic purposes. However the Manufactures user guide should be on site and followed at all times

Can towers be adapted for special purposes?

We offer a wide range to cover most requirements. But we can offer some bespoke designs to suit most applications using standard components

How long does a Scaffold tower last

This depends entirely on the manner in which it is used. All Boss and RKA towers are designed to give life long service if they are used in accordance with manufacturers user guides and are maintained and stored in a safe condition. Any damaged components should be replaced immediately

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