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The RKA Ladder 1450/850 tower is manufactured to BSEN1004-1:2020 CLASS 3 8/12 XXXD H2 and KITEMARKED. The KITE MARK is the universal symbol that reassures the user that the product is certified to BSI stated standards.

The RKA Ladder 1450/850 tower is a lightweight aluminium industrial tower designed for use in a variety of commercial and domestic environments. It gives a safe and secure and robust work area at a range of heights indoors and outdoors to enable maintenance, installation work and short term access, ensuring that working at height is as safe as possible.

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Instructions for erection and use to be followed carefully.
A risk assessment should always be carried out before erecting your MAT (Mobile Access Tower).
You will find a standard risk assessment form at the back of this instruction manual.
The RKA Ladder 1450/850 has a maximum working platform height of 8.2 meters outdoors and 12.2 meters indoors.
The maximum permissible load on the RKA Ladder 1450/850 tower is 950kgs and evenly distributed on each platform is 275kgs. This must not be exceeded over the working height platforms, not including rest platforms.


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